Cancellation Policies

Dream Villas allows hosts to choose among three standardized cancellation policies (Flexible, Moderate, and Strict) Will be enforced to protect both guest and host alike. Each listing and reservation on our site will clearly state the cancellation policy. Guests while viewing their travel plans are able to review any penalties and also cancel by clicking ‘Cancel’ on the respective reservation. A host will be able to see the number of reservations a guest has Cancelled Over the past 12 months when the guest submits Booking request.

Moderate: 50% refund 60 days prior to arrival

  • Cleaning fees are always refunded if the guest did not check-in.
  • The Dream Villas service fee is refundable in travel credits if the guest cancels before the trip starts. If a guest books a reservation that overlaps with any part of an existing reservation, we won’t refund the Dream Villas service fee if they decide to cancel.
  • Accommodation fees (the total nightly rate you're charged) are refundable in certain circumstances as outlined below.
  • If there is a complaint from either party, notice must be given to Dream Villas.
  • Dream Villas will mediate when necessary and has the final say in all disputes.
  • A reservation is officially canceled when the guest clicks the cancellation button on the cancellation confirmation page, which they can find in Dashboard > Your Trips > Cancel.
  • Cancellation policies may be superseded by the Guest Refund Policy, extenuating circumstances, or cancellations by Dream Villas for any other reason permitted under the Terms of Service. Please review these exceptions.
  • Applicable taxes will be retained and remitted.
  • Arrival and departure dates can not be modified without the consent of the host.
  • COVID-19: If the guests can’t travel because of a border closure or travel ban issue by official authorities less than 14 days before arrival, the guest will be able to postpone dates of the trip within the 18 months of arrival date for the same rate period. If the host agree to a different policy it needs to be agreed before a reservation is confirmed
Thu, Jun 08
3:00 PM

For a refund of accommodation fees, cancellation must be made 60 full days prior to listing’s local check-in time (or 3:00 PM if not specified) on the day of check-in.

Fri, Jun 13
3:00 PM

If the guest cancels less than 60 days in advance, 100% is non-refundable

Mon, Jun 16
11.00 AM

If the guest arrives and decides to leave early, the accommodation fees not spent after the official cancellation are not-refundable.